Recent Acquisitions

There has been a lot of buying and not a lot of stitching this week…Naughty me! For the past couple of days I have been back in my Northern homeland, discovering what Harrogate, York and Leeds have to offer the budding dressmaker.

I could gush about Harrogate all day, it’s a beautiful spa town and home to the charming Betty’s tea rooms. I started my day with a cup of Ceylon Blue Sapphire (in honour of my most recent creation) and a whacking great potato rosti (demolished and hiding in the background on the photo below!)



Following this breakfast feast I headed to Duttons for Buttons – an Aladdin’s cave of all things small,round and shiny, this place is rumoured to have supplied buttons for the costume department of Pirates of the Caribbean. If it’s good enough for Jack Sparrow, it’s good enough for me!Their supply is utterly mind-boggling. Browsing isn’t really advisable- you’ll go cross-eyed. I went in with a very specific shopping list and came away with these treats for my Ceylon dress:


I’d been tipped off about a few bargain basement stores on Commercial street. I pictured shelves piled high with neon tulle and Disney prints- I wasn’t disappointed in that respect. I did however, manage to snag this laverly vintage vogue pattern from The Remnant Housefor my Mad Men Sew-Along challenge, as hosted by Julia Bobbin (when I’ve learnt how to do widgets I promise I will post the little widgety linky thing. In the meantime, google is at your command):

I intend to make it is some pretty dodgy fabric but, let’s face it, when will I ever get to make something in pink and gold taffeta again? I picked 4.5 metres of it up from Leeds City Market for the outrageously cheap sum of £13.50! I don’t know whether to share a picture or leave it as a surprise… I’m going to leave it, lest you should judge me too quickly!!

Inspired by this fifties fever, I went begging to the MAC lady for a new look to match. She produced the goods and I duly produced my credit card:



Not a bad day’s haul I think you’ll agree and I shall dedicate this post to mummy for treating me to lunch afterwards! 🙂 Until I bleat again xxx



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