La Sylphide

May I introduce my finished La Sylphide dress by Papercut patterns!It’s turned out so much better than I ever imagined, largely due to the well-drafted pattern and clear instructions. If you’re from the UK you can buy the pattern here.

IMG_0829 copy

The lovely La Sylphide

So I bought this bootiful vintage liberty print fabric off eBay for the bargainous price of £15 for 2.9m – a “dress length” the label informs me. They were clearly more conservative when this stuff was produced as Papercut’s dinky dress with skater skirt only calls for 2 metres so I have some left over, hurrah!

How gorgeous is the packaging? I want the whole collection!

How gorgeous is the packaging? I want the whole collection!

I made my first toile for this project. I take something of an “I’ll make it fit” approach to size selection, as I still feel a little too inexperienced to make adjustments. This is embarrassing but I can’t actually remember which size I cut… I think it was the XXS but this was about 2 weeks ago and my brain doesn’t retain information for very long (it has a one in one out policy). Luckily the toile seemed to fit just right so I went ahead and made up the dress in that size.

La toile - the ghoulie!

La toile – the ghoulie!

I had absolutely no issues with the sewing up until I got to attaching the tie. Somehow somehow I think I messed up a bit because you can see a bit of interfacing poking out but hey ho! The bow covers it when it’s on so it’s fine!

I also made a small miscalculation with the button spacing so my top buttonhole is horizontal and dangerously close to the edge of the facing. I used self-covered buttons as I had squillions left over from the Ceylon dress.

So there it is! I’m thinking of making up just a skirt with the leftover meter but that will have to wait as I have dozens of delights waiting in my pattern queue!


2 thoughts on “La Sylphide

  1. I am about to start my La Sylphide. i realized how short skirt is and searching reviews. there are not so many reviews yet. your dress looks great. did you extend skirt lenght?

    • No I didn’t but I am very short (5’2″) and it’s about as short as I would risk! You may want to think about shortening if you’re taller. It’s a really easy, lovely pattern though. Shout if you need any advice! 🙂

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